Jonny Hanson


Jonny is a Christian environmentalist who grew up in Ireland and Malawi.  He is interested in the relationships between people, other animals and the rest of nature, and is currently a part-time doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, where he studies the interactions between livestock farmers and snow leopards in Nepal.  Jonny is also a stay-at-home dad and carer, and is actively working to set up Northern Ireland’s first community farm.

Jonny previously worked in environmental education and then international development.  He has in the past mucked-out giraffes, radio-tracked red kites, been attacked by emus, and counted butterflies in his spare time, but now likes to muck-out, radio-track, and count his three children instead.  Jonny is happily married to Paula.

. John Martin

John Martin

John has worked in the policy and advocacy field of conservation in Northern Ireland for almost seven years. He is currently working in the Belfast office of a leading UK conservation organisation, working on a range of issues from fresh water quality, flooding and planning to climate change and agriculture.  As part of this role he also helps to deliver innovative nature conservation projects and has made representations to decision makers in Stormont, Westminster and Brussels about the plight of nature in the UK and abroad.

John’s interest in the environment came from being encouraged, as a youngster, to adventure and explore, mostly in and around the Mourne mountains. He spends his spare time trying to be outside as much as is realistically possible. 

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