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Noah was thrust back into our homes in 2014 through the relentless advertising that comes with a supposed Hollywood blockbuster. I missed it in the cinema, but kept an eye on the reviews which overall didn’t seem too hot. I have seen it since and actually quite liked it. Sure, the director Darren Aronofsky took some license with the story, with cool rock monsters and explosions and such like, but we can get over that one. One of the stand out bits of the film for me was when Noah and his family, were all stowed away in the boat and he was explaining the creation story to each of them- not to ruin the film but this then cut away to essentially show an evolutionary process within which God was present. In the context of the film, it works really well, whether you believe in an evolutionary process or not. Continue reading

Climate change and population

On Sunday 6th April Jonny took part in a debate on BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Sunday Sequence’ program, hosted by Dr William Crawley.  Also taking part were the environmental campaigner Sir Jonathan Porritt and Catholic theologian Professor Tina Beattie.  The discussion focused on the linked issues of population growth and climate change, and Jonny shared a Christian environmental perspective.

You can access the radio program here.  The relevant section is from around 33 minutes to 49 minutes.