Whether you’re too busy to read a full post or you just can’t be bothered, these quotes highlight some of our key perspectives on Christianity and the environment.  Click on the link to read the article in full.

…we must ensure that our consumption is defined by our values, and that our values are not defined by our consumption..

Jonny Hanson, Planet care, people care, fair share

…how we view and treat creation should not be founded primarily on economic incentives, cultural attitudes or even plain old tradition but on a careful consideration of how God views and treats it.

Jonny Hanson, The earth is the Lord’s

Greed is not good.  It is not a fit foundation on which to build an economy, whatever way it is dressed up.  It is certainly not a fit foundation for a food system on which seven billion people, and counting, depend.

Jonny Hanson, Unhappy meals

It is especially easy to hide behind the excuse of a transient, throwaway planet when it comes to thinking about how we use and share its God-given resources…Thank the Lord, then, for Jesus Christ, the ultimate zombie-vanquishing superhero, who transforms such negative dualism into abundant life.

Jonny Hanson, Zombie theology

While there will always be the need to use parts of creation to sustain human life, there will never be justification for the reckless destruction of the things that God has made…

John Martin, The next generation

The powerful logic of this argument [Genesis 9:3-4] suggests that all animals are worthy of respect and humane treatment…It also suggests that consistency is important…it could be argued that it would be better in God’s eyes to eat a dog that has been raised and dispatched humanely than a pig which has not.

Jonny Hanson, Eating dog: a guide for Christians

We cannot expect the true happiness and success of a society to be measured by GDP alone.  There are simply too many things that money cannot value, let alone buy.

Jonny Hanson, Our money and our mouth

Christians…could and should be leading the way in freeing creation from its frustration by reforming and re-forming business to care for people and planet, as well as producing goods and services and profits.

EW, Our God is a business God?

Predators and other animals that we conflict with are still God’s creatures, created, valued and sustained by Him. Neither are they the corrupted moral agents that human beings are.  We are the really dangerous animals.

Jonny Hanson, The snow leopard will lie down with the lamb

You see, we waste because we don’t see, or care how it affects our international brothers or sisters…From my reading of the gospels, I don’t think Jesus was up for this waste of resources…

John Martin, Waste more, want more

It’s also like that with picking up litter – it’s loving, and that’s especially good for us.  Love – for God, for people, for places – transforms the picking up of a single piece of litter into a beautiful act of service.

Jonny Hanson, A rubbish resolution

Not only do the heaven’s declare the glory of God, but these mountains, these glaciers, and all the works of His hands – in the Himalayas and beyond…the God who weighs the mountains like dust in one hand, cradles us in the other.

Jonny Hanson, The edges of His ways

Likewise, three trees appear in the main phases of the broader biblical narrative: creation, corruption and completion. As our own Christian journeys intertwine with this, the greatest story ever told, these trees also herald the seasons of the soul.

Jonny Hanson, Treehugger Gospel

If this Christian Shangri-la – the new heaven and the new earth – is going to be truly perfect, then simplicity and community will surely be its hallmarks, as well as restored relationships with the rest of creation.

Jonny Hanson, Shangri-La

There is a purpose in the pain. At the appointed time we will break free and fly. Then we will be uniquely equipped and fit for God’s purpose in our lives and in our communities.

Paula Hanson, Wings fit for purpose

The sabbath year…is a call to care for and to respect what He has provided to meet our needs, including and especially the micro-world beneath our feet that few of us know anything much about and take for granted.

EW, A sabbath for the land

Although God in His wisdom knows best, I don’t really feel quite ready for the lifeboat just yet…I don’t know about you, but I’m going back to the wreck for the others. By the grace of God, we’ve got a ship to save.

Jonny Hanson, A letter about lifeboats

The story from Exodus reminds us that power needs to be challenged and held to account, by the Church most of all. In the proud tradition of Moses and the prophets, we cannot pick and choose when to apply our biblical mandate for justice.

Jonny Hanson, Unfair trade

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t feel the pain of a world in turmoil. We should. We must. In fact, to feel the hurt of (or for) others – other people, other places, and even, perhaps, other parts of God’s creation – is part of being fully alive. But it is to say that this pain cannot be the end. No; rather, it must be the beginning.

Jonny Hanson, Passion

It is this solely instrumental view of nature – the valuing of it as a means but not an end – the desire to use and exploit rather than to interact with and relate to – which is arguably the core aspect of what a corrupted relation to nature constitutes for Tolkien.

Aaron Hanson, Tolkien and Nature

If God is present in the places we call home – both within us and all around us, ever-present – then wherever we live, there really can be magic in the mundane and extraordinary in the everyday…I say let us also write it on our hearts that everywhere is the best place in the world.

Jonny Hanson, Home

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