A rubbish resolution

The second in a completely coincidental mini series on waste, this article suggests that a simple commitment in 2014 could make a world of a difference.

January – the month of new beginnings.  The start of the calendar year also brings new resolutions to change old habits.  February, by contrast, can be the graveyard of such good intentions, especially if they involve too many drastic changes to the status quo. Whether or not you bother with New Year’s resolutions, here’s one for this year and beyond that involves minimal effort but brings significant benefits: picking up one piece of litter per person per day.

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Waste More, Want More

Help! I’m drowning in a sea of disposable nappies, baby wipes and soiled changing table towels covered in acid like poop. The ‘black bin’ has moved from needing emptied once a month (if even) to desperately needing emptied every other week. The heating is on flat out and we have a hall light on all through the night to prevent careless sleepy stumbles. However…this is all necessary…or is it.

Due to the crazy hecticness (this is not even a word) of new life, I think a lot of our pre-bambino ‘ideals’ of being ‘earth mum and dad’ have suffered as a result…At this stage I would probably say having a child is probably one of the most environmentally unfriendly things I’ve done…but I’m not losing heart just yet and have some good ideas, (and friends) up my sleeve.

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