Wings fit for purpose

There are many seasons in life.  Sometimes they can be trying but we can be encouraged as Christians that God has His hand on all things.  I believe we can take great encouragement from the life lessons demonstrated in nature…

I once read that as a butterfly readies to leave the cocoon it wriggles and writhes, struggling to break free. This battle can last several days. During this time its ceaseless motion encourages blood flow and flexes muscles in the newly formed wings. At the appointed time the struggle ends. The butterfly emerges and flutters away. The relentless battle produced wings fit for purpose. Not only that but the time spent in the cocoon was a time of maturing and change. The caterpillar was transformed into the adult butterfly – a symbol of beauty.


It’s like us, right? There are times when our circumstances seem to have us trapped in a cocoon. Life can feel like a constant battle. We may feel like we are not getting anywhere and the struggle can overwhelm us…but God is at work. There is a purpose in the pain. At the appointed time we will break free and fly. Then we will be uniquely equipped and fit for God’s purpose in our lives and in our communities. Furthermore, like the caterpillar growing and changing into its adult form, our pain and difficulties are opportunities for us to grow and mature. Through times of trial our lives will become a vision of His beauty.


So hold on, keep fighting, because God has great plans for your life; ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future’ (Jeremiah 29:11).


Paula Hanson – wife, mummy to two toddlers, nature lover and believer that God can do great things in people’s lives if they let Him.

2 thoughts on “Wings fit for purpose

  1. A vision of His beauty. A purpose in the pain. Wings fit for purpose. Thanks for sharing Paula, love it,

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