The rise of ‘small milk’

A progressive alternative to mega dairies that’s good for everyone – cows, farmers, consumers and the rest of creation…

Forked magazine

In contrast to the vast US-style ‘mega dairies’ appearing in parts of the UK, one Sussex biodynamic dairy farm says small-scale milk production can work, both sustainably and economically. But does it stack up? Andrew Wasley reports

The Plaw Hatch farm shop, nestling in the beautiful West Sussex countryside somewhere between Forest Row and Balcombe, is how shops probably once were, and probably should be again in the future.

Minimal gimmickry – no flashy signage, overpowering advertising, or misleading ‘2for1’ offers on produce no one really wants or needs – lots of daylight, sacks and pallets, boxes, real smells (as opposed to the fake aromas pumped out by supermarkets to project authenticity), and – most importantly – piles of real food, unburdened, in the main, by excessive packaging or fanfare.

Food on sale includes fruit and vegetables, groceries, tinned produce and other ‘essentials ‘, fresh bread, cakes, meat, oils, juices…

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